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RHEA – Dreams

London-based artist RHEA has finally debuted her single Dreams and the result does not disappoint!

Already writing songs from young age, RHEA has started her musical journey quite early. 
Raised in South East London, she grew up listening to jazz, soul and Motown – genres which she still draws her main inspiration from. Soon she moved to Spain in order to learn the language and was captured by the city’s thrilling jazz-scene and blooming bohemian culture immediately. 

After returning to London, RHEA decided to fully dedicate herself to her music career and smoothly integrated her foreign experiences in her debut release! 

“It came from a really special place & is written about someone I never wanna forget, the kinda person that visits you in Dreams” – RHEA

In Dreams, the singer delivers vocals in a beautifully velvet voice, undermined by an impeccable and bold trap-infused beat. The dominant electronic sound genuinely combines R&B and Hip-hop elements and turns this production into one you have never heard before. Listen below!

Written By: Antonia

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