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DVTN – Distance

So I recently started contributing to Pardon My Blog and what can I say guys, the team is full of amazing creative individuals. Shoutout to you if you’re reading this!

Among them is Daniel, part of the two-piece South East London-based collective DVTN, with his sister Peace forming the other half. I must admit I haven’t heard of them before but when I listened to their new song Distance yesterday, it blew me away! The way the duo is complementing each other vocally is something I have barely witnessed before – you just instantly feel the connecting vibes.

I’m sure all of you know what it’s like to go through the feeling of distance – either you notice someone you’ve been really close to becoming more and more distant towards you and even when you’re together it’s not real anymore, or you decided to distance yourself. Either way, most of the time it’s beyond comprehension, it hurts and takes time to heal. Yeah, we’ve all been through the struggle I believe.
And exactly this is what DVTN are trying to convey in their visuals to Distance. Starring a rather anxious and distressed woman, the duo are showcasing the process of agony to eventual acceptance. The lyrics are genuinely portrayed in the video which is why it’s such a perfect addition to the track.

Expect vigorous yet sublimely passionate and soulful vocals, undermined by a mellow beat. Keep an eye out for them!

Watch and listen below:

To find out more about them, read their bio here and follow them on YouTube



Written By: Antonia

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