Will Caminada – Caterpillar (music video)

I’m finally back on track after a week break due to many assignments and other not-so-fun responsibilities.
However, today does not only mark my return but also the release of the official music video for Caterpillar (read all about it here and more about the singer here) by the highly talented singer songwriter Will Caminada.

Reviewing the process of finding “the way straight to sun” after the rough battle of gaining more self-confidence, the artist from North West London cleverly uses the word Caterpillar as a metaphor.


The utterly artsy and inspiring new visuals perfectly portray the idea behind the song as Will is showcasing gorgeous women who present the process of finding light step-by-step. Using colourful surroundings, he again shows us what SoulArt is all about.

Check out the video below and stay tuned for more to come!

Follow the amazing artists shown in the video:

Nina Tribus @nina_tribus
Huru @cosmichuru
Sophia @sophia.shibari
Pelegrina @pelegrina_dora

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