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Ash Shakur – Never Alone

A while back I already made you aware of Ash Shakur by introducing you to his uplifting track Shine. Known for his strong DIY approach, the South London artist genuinely blends together art, experimental sounds and creativity.

Everybody has to deal with issues which we are too sensitive to talk about because of the fear of not being understood. In an inspiring, cheerful way, Ash carefully adresses those topics, again evident in his latest release Never Alone which deals with alieniation.

“…It’s not easy to share your problems or frustrations with the people around you and sometimes we create isolation. I wanted the verses to feel like I’m speaking directly to you like we’re sitting on a park bench. I feel like we are never really alone if we share our issues; life is too short to hold things in…. It’s very therapeutic to me, I wanted a chorus that was fun and easily remembered.”

Adding soulful yet electronic vibes to his synth-laden, bass-heavy hip-hop production, the former Art Life Central member has dropped another song which will definitely land on my playlist. Listen below:

Written By: Antonia

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