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What Is Groundlessness? A chat with singer-songwriter Will Caminada

Just one week ago, aspiring London-based singer-songwriter Will Caminada shared his brand new single Groundlessness, the follow-up of his song Caterpillar which was premiered on Music & Other Stories earlier this year (find it here). As his previous releases already showcased the journey from darkness to light, Groundlessness again touches that topic but rather represents the power of letting go of certainty. Meditation plays a huge role in Will’s life, and having been massively inspired by Pema Chödröm’s book ‘Taking The Leap’, he tried to convey his experiences in the new song.

I had a chat with Will about his single and why he thinks that meditation can help to let go of the never-ending fears and struggles. He shares his journey to his own personal improvement and what he means by ´´
Read below and get inspired, it’s a very important topic! I hope you can take something from it.

The song

Musically it’s still the same kind of vibe that I’m doing – a mixture of R&B, Soul, Pop. But I guess this one is a little different because the tempo is a little bit faster and it’s got a little bit more groove. 

“I was reading a book called Taking The Leap by Pema Chödröm. She’s a Buddhist master, and there was a moment when she was talking about how reluctant human beings are to uncertainty. Then she mentioned the word Groundlessness and I was like ‘wait a second! I like this word’. I googled it and found out the meaning. Groundlessness is the place where you find all the uncertainty in your life, your fears, insecurities and worries…you see it, but you’re okay with it, you’re comfortable with all your uncertainties. I realized that everything in life is uncertain – every day, every week, every tomorrow. Yet we are always chasing certainty. I believe that life is a journey, you just have to keep walking, one step at a time. The only certainty is that we’re going to die one day. Just looking from this perspective I wonder: Why am I worried? We have to let go and live in the here and now, live in the moment. Every next minute is uncertain. At the same time it is hard because we are programmed to just think about what we are gonna do next, and have the illusion of having control about what happens next.”


“In the book she talked about that being with yourself can help. It sounds vague to hear ´look inside yourself for the answers´. But through the practice of meditation I understood what this means. It’s a way to be okay with Groundlessness. In my song I sing about letting go and the Universe guide, which may also sound a bit vague, because how can you just let it guide you? There isn’t a recipe but when you spend more time with yourself, even if it is just for 5 minutes a day you just let your thoughts go and you´re more in touch with your feelings. That’s the power of meditation when you practice it. There’s no judgement whether today was bad or good – every day is different. When you meditate, you dig in yourself. There are always days when you feel more anxious but it’s normal, move on and don’t get attached. It shouldn’t be a game of winning and losing. So all in all, the more you do it the closer you are to your true self. That’s what I mean by letting the Universe guide’. If you’re always caught up in the drama then you won’t be able to properly listen to your inner voice. The invisible guidance I’m talking about is there available for everyone, it’s just a matter of being open to it. And even though I´m saying this and it sounds like I have it all figured out, the truth is I also struggle, feel anxious, worry, but the difference is now I have this tool to help me get through it.”

Find the guided meditation here

“Everything mentioned above is why I had the idea of creating a guided meditation as a bonus track. There are many kinds but visualisation is how I personally started. I have a friend who had a visualisation audio on her SoundCloud and I would do that everyday. You can do it everywhere!
I was unsure about doing that kind of bonus track, the intention wasn’t that I wanted to be a guru or anything like that. I just wanted to share it with the ones who are interested in that. You can listen to it on your headphones and close your eyes. It’s a simple practice, there is no good or bad, no finishing line. It’s like going to the gym, only that it’s a mind and soul workout. You won’t see progress in just a week, it’s about consistency. It might not even work for you though. Maybe you’ll feel better about walking in the park, then that’s your meditation! What I’m saying in the song is that we just have to keep walking, not being afraid of what is going to happen. If everything was certain, it’d be boring, right? Imagine going to play in a match, knowing your team will win anyway – what’s the point?”

“All we gotta do is try, and walk while we’re still alive”

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SoulArt x Groundlessness

“It connects to your soul. The premise of SoulArt is whatever art we do comes from our souls. The most ideas I have come to me through meditation. Lots of times when I meditate I might write something afterwards. But that’s just my personal approach. Everything to me is art, it might be gardening, football, everything. What I’m trying to convey is that music is art. Everyone is an artist. Whatever your passion is – that’s art. It comes from your soul! I hope my song and meditation bonus track can inspire people.”

Listen to the song below!

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