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Talent vs. Popularity

One topic which keeps annoying me is that these days it seems that talent is no longer priority number 1 in the music scene. Followers, views, the right connections – those factors appear to be more important than actual musical talent. But why?
I don’t want to name any certain artists now but certain rappers/singers keep on doing the exact same stuff: they use (nearly) the same beat for all their tracks which lack of creative lyrics. I mean, it’s cool, we get it – you like fxcking bitches, getting paper and riding your German whip (good decision though, Germany rules) but do you have to sing about that in each of your songs? Where’s your versatility man? But all that doesn’t seem to matter because it’s gonna be a ‘banger’ anyway. Why? Because people pretend to like it by being influenced from major industry leaders who support that stuff. Why though?
Then there are people in the entertainment industry who are not even musicians but drop a song out of fun and booom, it goes viral! Like proper viral. All because they are super popular in the scene. What a punch in the face that must be for some artists who are really putting in effort.

Some artists out there are really making incredible music, and when I say incredible I mean it. Yet they are being slept on. Because they don’t have enough views or followers or are simply not on the radar of too many people. It’s just a shame really.
Recently, JME from BBK talked about just that: Getting rid of the importance of followers or numbers in general – because it is so much more important to focus on the actual thing. It’s true though. If you had to choose between watching a music video with 100k views and one with 1k – which one would you watch? If you are being honest, you’d rather watch the one with more views because you might think that this person does a much better job, am I right? Can we just let go of that attitude, please? Can we please start focusing on talent again, instead of instagram popularity and all that? Because this is not all it takes! We are missing out on so many great, talented artists because of that.

Written By: Antonia

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