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Live: Lavz

Last night I had the chance to attend a gig night from a wide array of artists, genre-ranging from pop to indie to rap, which took place at Islington’s O2 Arena.
Among them was Lavz, a rapper I have already introduced to you a while back (check here). Only recently she released a new mixtape titled Not This Time – entirely produced by herself.

As I have never seen her live before I didn’t know what to expect – sometimes you go to a concert and the rapper/singer barely performs and only uses backup or just throws in ad-libs as the DJ plays his song. Well, this certainly wasn’t the case with Lavz. When entering the stage, the female MC brought such a vibe with her and managed to capture the crowd immediately.

Lavz performed a decent selection out of her music portfolio. While showcasing the songs of her EP Not This Time, the rapper brought out singer-songwriter HURU (more info about her here) for their collaborative, rather mellow single Meditate. The connection between them was genuinely organic and they offered a great live presence as a duo.
Next to her current body of work, she also presented older tunes such as Way About It or Minor To Major with latter also being the name of her own clothing line.

What can I say… Without a doubt this artist has absolutely killed the stage! Never-ending energetic vibes, great support by her incredible live band and talented background vocalists, and her abilites of engaging the crowd with her high-levels of confident and rousing stage presence turned the gig into one to truly remember. I’m not playing: Lavz is one of the best female rappers in the UK these days.

Check out her EP below:

Written By: Antonia

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