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Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

So you decided to go out with your friends, you are trying to have a great night out after all the hard work at, let’s say, Uni or your job. You are so ready to have a glass of wine or two, or three and forget about all your daily stress. But then they enter the bar, a gorgeous group of girls, probably models in their spare time, and all of a sudden you feel really bad about yourself. That body, that hair, that incredibly cool style – why are you not blessed with all that? Why does this girl have those amazing characteristics, why does that girl look stunning like that? …. And your night is ruined. You cannot stop comparing yourself, you are proper intimidated. The feeling in your stomach gets worse and worse and you just feel like crap. The enjoyment of having a decent night out is gone immediately, you just want to go home and not see anyone, because you think you are not good enough for anyone. You remember why you barely go out anymore these days. You have downgraded yourself once again and anxiety is about to kick in big time.

Does that story sound familiar to you? Why do we do that? Why do we always have to compare ourselves to others? Why are we never satisfied with ourselves, with our flaws, with our beauty? Why can’t we just accept ourselves the way we are? Everyone is different! You are you, you are incredible in your own way, even though you don’t realize it yourself sometimes! Nobody is the same, everybody has got flaws. Sometimes they are more visible than others, but nobody is perfect. Facts!

The same goes for people more successful than you. You cannot compare your chapter 2 to somebody elses chapter 10. It sounds like a clich√© but it’s true. You simply cannot compare yourself with people like that have started with what you want to do way before you! Everything takes its time, progress takes time! If you grind hard enough then you will eventually achieve all your goals and soon reach your desired level. Hard work is required though, it does not work without that! But be kind to yourself. Even though you might not have reached your ultimate goals yet you should appreciate how far you have come! At which level were you one year ago? Probably far behind to where you are right now! Credit yourself, tap yourself on the shoulder and tell yourself “Well done!”.
If I think about my position, with what I want to do, exactly one year ago I should be proud of myself right now. Because I was nowhere, really. Now, one year later, I have interviewed so many popular singers, bands or even actors/actresses. People I am listening to regularly, people who I’m watching on my Netflix TV shows. And soon two of my interviews will be showcased in a freaking print magazine. Through my work I have met people who now count to the closest people in my life. I wouldn’t ever have imagined to come that far in only a year.
Write down your progress on a regular and you will see how many amazing things you are getting done, how far you have come. We should all be proud and not always be so hard on ourselves. It sounds so cheesy, but life really is a journey. Everything happens step by step, and you can’t force things to happen immediately. Progress happens in your very own time zone.¬†

Truth is, nothing good ever came from comparing yourself to others, no matter how you compare yourself! So give yourself some credit, write down what you like about yourself, think about what amazing, unique characteristics you have or keep track of all your progress! You are amazing. xx

headline quote by Roosevelt.

Written By: Antonia

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