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Lyves – Cover Me

Releasing a 15 track EP and touring with Coldplay on their A Head Full Of Dreams tour – singer Francesca Bergami aka Lyves has had a busy year so far, undoubtedly. She has previously unveiled her new single Cover Me, the follow-up of Holding Back which was released only a month ago.

“I wrote ‘Cover Me’ around 3 years ago, but it ended up as a lost, unfinished demo until I came across it again by accident this year while writing in Devon. Hearing it after so long re-ignited how I first felt writing it and led me to finish the song. I feel the song speaks about the tug and pull in relationships – that internal conflict that can arise between wanting stability and security vs independence.”

Despite seeing success in music now, the songstress did not always strive for a career in music. Feeling intimidated by the seemingly impossible ways to achieve greatness in the music industry, Lyves decided to study Psychology which led to her embarking a career as a social health advocate. However, soon she realized that creativity was missing in her life – the start of her musical career finally began. Choosing topics such as loss, adaption and survival, Francesca tries to stay as honest as possible and help people overcome their struggles with her lyrics.

Cover Me, produced by both herself and Will Knight, showcases Lyves‘s emotional and soothing yet forceful vocals, undermined by a rather electronic-sounding up-beat sound. It is surely worth listening to, so check it out below.

Written By: Antonia

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