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Monroe Joe – Ease The Pain

Okay everyone, by now you should have clocked that the guys from Too Rare To Die are all incredibly talented, and every song they drop is basically a banger.
While TRTD member L Martin has recently unveiled his lyrically brilliant LP Growing Pains (check it out here), plus his gloomy visuals to single More Love, Monroe Joe aka ‘Working Class Mafia’ is now back with a brand new track and video, premiered on SBTV. Titled Ease The Pain, the song reminisces of the ups and downs in life and basically portrays his personal point of view.

“I was sitting on the bus home from work one night listening to this track and I thought, lets make that the video. Simple. Enjoy!”

Not only is Ease The Pain, produced by Maschine Man Tim, a really catchy tune thanks to Monroe Joe‘s vivid rap flow – it also contains an important message so make sure to listen carefully! The accompanied music video genuinely adds to the song as we can find the artist reflecting on life on his nightly bus journey home. If you want to listen to some wavey music, then press play below.

Written By: Antonia

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