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Pillars – Honest People

“I’m here to tell you a personal story”

This is what singer Pillars values in her songs – staying personal and true to herself while taking listeners on a journey through her experiences of finding herself.

After being diagnosed with anorexia, music was the only escape for the 23-year old singer-songwriter as it offered her remedy for her darkest moments. During her way to recovery, she met producer David Jones who later turned out to be her collaborator for her EP Honest People , a deeply personal and vulnerably honest project which approaches different stages of mental health throughout her own recovery.

Coming from a rather acoustic background, Pillars has not always made electronic music. However, soon she realized that this genre was the best for her to express herself.

“Suddenly I realised there was this whole other world of electronic music that I could dig my teeth into. Coming from an acoustic background, having had no influence from the electronic world, I dove into the world of production blind. What was really exciting was that I came out sounding like…me.” 

The title single from her EP, Honest People, is a blunt release in which the singer is opening up to herself, accompanied by an enigmatic yet clear electronic sound. Watch the rather eccentric video below>

Written By: Antonia

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