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RHEA – Views

South East London-based singer-songwriter RHEA is back with her latest offering! Following up on her debut single Dreams, which got released earlier this year and which you can read more about here, Views marks the second single of the skillful artist.

“Views is about stepping back & seeing things for what they are…this was written as commentary on the current wave of change sweeping through our lives & having been awoken to it. When a person makes a big choice there is always a ripple effect upon others.. Views is a song about, defiance, strength & staying true to oneself.”  – RHEA

Just like her debut single, Views showcases RHEA’s dazzlingly smooth and compelling vocals. However, compared to Dreams, this one represents even more confidence and talent by operating towards a more soulful and laid-back direction. Undermined by a clear electronic beat with gentle piano elements, this track brings out a sense of melancholia without a doubt.

Listen below:



Written By: Antonia

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