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Misunderstood – Ghetto Style

Do you know that feeling when only the rhythm of a song makes you want to dance and sing along immediately? That is exactly how I felt when I listened to Ghetto Style by Misunderstood – I just instantly wanted to groove along. Unfortunately I couldn’t because I was stuck in my Uni’s library and everybody would have given me weird looks. Oh well…
But anyway, let me introduce you to the pop/R&B duo all the way from South East London, consisting of Stephan Benson and Jeff Okyere. Misunderstood was born when the duo met at school and found out about their mutual love for music, choreography and their experiences of a complicated childhood.

Our message is simple. Its about being free to be yourself. Its about being happy in you. Its about having fun. Its storytelling about the people who arent being shouted about. Youll see and hear that in everything; the music, our style and in our videos. Our personalities and beliefs are bottled into our music.” Stefan from Misunderstood

Written by both Misunderstood and Maegan Cottone (Little Mix, Britney Spears), Ghetto Style marks their debut single, however Benson and Okyere are no strangers in the scene anymore. Having supported the likes of Boys II Men, among others, on tour, they set their footprints into the world of music a while ago already and now that their debut has officially been released they are surely not going anywhere.

So long story short, if you are in the mood to listen to a cheerfully energetic and bubbly track, then press play below:



Written By: Antonia

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