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Live: MOE Presents

I love going to gigs and I love them even more when it’s an intimate one without a rather huge and pushy crowd. I simply believe you can embrace the music much better when the location is smaller and gives off a familiar vibe. So yesterday [30th Oct] I headed to a live music night, organized by MOE Presents who showcase up-and-coming UK rappers, singers or Grime MC’s. The motive took place at Upstairs At The Ritzy in Brixton.

Five artists were able to perform some of their best songs during their 15-minute set, among them were Emmanuel Adenuga, Warren, Lavz, Chysianna, Peaky and ultimately JokShan as the headliner.

The show kicked off with Emmanuel Adenuga presenting his soothing R&B-infused slow jams, such as Don’t Break My Heart, for which the music video only got released the other week (check it out here. ) or Make You Mine.
Singer Warren followed soon after, and mate, I loved her vibes. Her voice was purely soulful yet very lively, and her songs were genuinely authentic. Additionally to her own material she also covered Dave’s Wanna Know and Not3s’s Addison Lee – it was really pleasant to hear those tracks in a completely new way, she definitely nailed it. Make sure to check out her recent EP here. 

Next up was Lavz, without a doubt one of the best female rappers out there – I am not playing! I have recently reviewed her last show, check it out here if you’d like to find out more about her. She performed some of her older tunes with an effortless flow, such as Formula or Run It and for her last song she invited Kxng Junior on stage. They recently dropped a joint EP titled Summer Days&Winter Nights which focuses on domestic abuse, based on real life events. Listen to Chapter 1 here, it’s an incredibly honest and meaningful project so don’t miss out.


Chysianna. What can I say…I loved her vibe! Her vocals are stunningly tuneful, with a dash of confident swag. Her stage performance didn’t lack either as she performed her songs with pure certainty and managed to captivate the crowd immediately. I didn’t know about her before but she got herself a new fan. Her latest single Mulla is now out via LinkUp TV, watch it here and enjoy.

Reppin’ West London was rapper Peaky,  who showcased some truly vivid Hip Hop tunes, produced by himself. He’s got an electric rap flow without a doubt, such a shame he couldn’t perform more of his tracks. Check him out here. 

Last but not least it was headliner’s JokShan‘s turn. For those of you who don’t know about him, JokShan is a West London-based R&B singer blessed with a strongly passionate voice. Unfortunately there were some technical difficulties when he came on stage but he mastered it nevertheless. Joined by Boy Nash, they performed a song together – acapella! It was brilliant, I really enjoyed listening to both of them. When technical matters were finally solved, JokShan performed some of his other tracks, all of them deeply melodious. Check out more of JokShan here and Boy Nash here.

My last shoutout goes to the host: mate, you really nailed your attempt to do a freestyle. Never give up trying 😉

As a result I can say that this was definitely not my last time attending an MOE Presents show, nor was it my last visit to Ritzy. I met some genuinely talented people and had the chance to broaden my musical horizon once again. Until next timeeee.



Written By: Antonia

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