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An EP about domestic abuse: Summer Days & Winter Nights (Chapter 1)

‘You tell yourself “I like this about him…oh wait, I also like this about this other guy.” Every day in our life we are questioning our choices. But guess what, deep deep down on the inside the answer is somewhere within us. You’ll find it. ‘

Domestic violence and abuse: a topic which is not spoken out about enough and sadly still a taboo topic in society sometimes – only less than half of the cases get reported to the police though as it is not easy to speak up about it and the fear of the partner finding out is often higher than the pain and suffering. According to a survey, over 1 million abuse-related cases were recorded in England and Wales alone last year.

“A Women Empowerment EP based on my mothers Domestic Abuse Experience. I decided to create this powerful project in the hope of giving women worldwide Courage & Strength , to those going through it and those who sadly went through it.” – KXNG JUNIOR

One artist who processes this topic through music is Kxng Junior, one of the singers I discovered at MOE Presents last Monday. The London-based singer joined rapper Lavz on stage to perform chapter 1 of their collaborative EP Summer Days & Winter Nights (featuring Francis Oshy). Based on the relationship of Kxng Junior’s mum, chapter 1 discusses the battles of an abusive relationship. The different points of view are genuinely portrayed by Lavz being the female side and Kxng Junior being her partner – the 9-minute long track is split into an ongoing discussion between the two of them, creating the feeling of a real-life situation.

“When you go through a tough and difficult relationship, courage is that one thing you need. Don’t tell me you don’t have it. You do. More than you can imagine.”

Chapter 1 has truly touched me. The way Kxng Junior, Lavz and Francis Oshy have created it is legitimately authentic and touches the issue in a very honest and genuine way. If you ever experienced domestic abuse or know someone who has, then you should definitely listen to it as these artists are trying to encourage everyone who has or had to deal with it. Even if you haven’t, you should press play because you do not want to miss out on these talented rappers. Chapter 2 coming soon.

Written By: Antonia

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