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Boy Nash – YMLLK Part III Shackles EP

Another artist I got aware of when I attended MOE presents the other day (read review here) is London-based rapper Boy Nash who has unveiled his new project a few weeks back, in order to celebrate Black History Month. Titled YMLLK Part III Shackles, it was produced by Tummy Wilson and Jayo (Skrapz, Giggs).

The EP comes with seven tracks in total, starting off with Wretch’s Intro which features vocals from – you guessed it – rap legend Wretch 32.
Shackles follows, a genuine song about the struggle of being trapped in society. While Boy Nash shows off with a lyrically impressive rap flow, his guest artist Queen Ameen awards the track that extra special touch by adding her compelling and strong vocals on the chorus. Followed by having shackles on the feet comes the prison – as portrayed in track three Eastfields Interlude, featuring H Busy.

“Trapped in the trap with the mandem the jungle is rammed, I’m juggling fire, hyenas are watching take caution the serpent is clockin,I woke up this morning from last night’s mourning Joseph my bredrin in got clawed by the warden”.

It discusses the struggles of an individual who has no other choice in life anymore than to sell drugs, however the cops are trying to chase him down and lock him up.
But freedom always comes around eventually, and here we are at track four. Featuring sultry yet dynamic verses from Shani Cherry and LEMZI, Freedom is actually the first single which got released from YMLK Part III Shackles EP and again demonstrates Boy Nash‘s immense ability of storytelling through his original lyrics.

“Look within and you’ll find your gold. Look at Wiley, look at Skepta, man they weren’t afraid. And if they were afraid they conquered it and chose faith.”

Gold has a rather jazzy vibe and presents an uplifting mood as it is all about how you can free yourself from your obstacles and remove both physical and mental conflicts. This one is my personal favourite from the project as I really enjoy Boy Nash‘s vibrant and enthusiastic flow, not to mention the stunning voice from his backup vocalist.
Before the EP closes off with a live version of Freedom we get to hear Mary Prince which has a noticeably grittier sound. The artist reflects his deserved success and how he has made it to the top from all the obstacles he had to overcome.

As a result I have to say that YMLLK Part III: Shackles is indeed a truly honest and conscientious project which does not lack of lyrical excellence at all. Boy Nash is a skillful storyteller without a doubt, and his unique vocal abilities do not disappoint at all either. You should definitely check it out below. If you wanna catch Boy Nash live, find him at The Jazz Cafe in Camden on December 20th alongside Moelogo and many more.


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Written By: Antonia

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