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Lemzi x Tonia – Hidden Gems

The other day I went to a gig in Hoxton’s Zigfrid von Underbelly not knowing what would await me as I didn’t know the majority of artists before. But boy, I’m glad I went! I can’t emphasise enough how much I love those kind of intimate gigs where you get to know so much incredible talent.

Two artists caught my eye in particular with their performance, and they go by the names of Lemzi and Tonia. Both of them performed individually first but then got on stage together to perform their collaborative track Hidden Gems. Although this tune has been released in June already, I just have to feature it on here still ’cause you guys need to check it out!


The track kicks off with Lemzi and Tonia singing the chorus simultaneously which will make you realise their amazing vocal connection right away, without a doubt! Tonia then continues with her verse and I must say: She’s got such an incredibly strong voice and you can really feel her passion for singing. I’m not lying when I say that she reminds me a little bit of Lauryn Hill with both her rapping and singing skills!
Let’s not forget about Lemzi’s vivid and compelling rap flow though. The East London-based artist doesn’t hold back and showcases a rare eclectic rhyme pattern, making you wanna vibe along immediately.
The track includes nothing but positive vibes and an important uplifting message. So what are you waiting for? Press play below:

Written By: Antonia

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