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STATEMEANT – the label with an inspiring message



I’m all about positive vibes, conscious topics and social matters. Which is why I was really happy when the fashion brand STATEMEANT asked me to be part of their new collection.

The label, founded in 2010, stands for the above mentioned words and describes itself as a ‘conscious movement with conscious clothing for the conscious individual’. The materials used are a 100% ethical, also produced in an ethical environment. The themes are inspired by events taking place in the Middle East, Africa or simply in the UK, making Statemeant truly stand out from other brands with its vision.

They recently launched their new collection, ranging from hats to track suits to jackets. The designs are created in a simple yet uniquely recognisable way, and also super comfy and warm as I found out – absolutely perfect for winter season! I can especially recommend the tracksuit and the bomber jacket 🙂 Check some of their new range out below, and check out their website here.

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photo credits: Ian Upton

Written By: Antonia

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