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Live: The Goat aka Wretch 32

So last night I headed to the O2 arena in Shepherd’s Bush, not knowing that one of the best shows of my life would await me.
Unfortunately I was late which means I missed Angel as a support act – I love his music so it was a bit of a shame but oh well, the best part was still to come anyway. I’ve seen Wretch support other artists before – Yungen and Ray BLK for instance – but I’ve never been to one of his headline shows. He’s one of my favourite rappers out there so I was more than happy to finally being able to go to one of his gigs.

I must say, it was everything that I hoped for AND more!
Let’s talk about the stage set-up first. How many artists can claim having a full live-band, including drums, background vocalists and bass, on stage? I don’t think too many can if I am being honest. Nowadays a lot of rappers, singers, bands etc. are limited to only a DJ unfortunately. Well, Wretch could provide all that though. The purple, green or blue light effects throughout the show seemed to represent the mood of each track.

Secondly, his outfit! How exquisite was his outfit?! A black-white chequered two-piece was his choice of the night, and it looked greatly unique! That wasn’t the highlight though – underneath his jacket he wore a t-shirt that said Fr32 Libya, making everyone aware of the horrible circumstances of slavery in Libya. To top it all off, he gave an expressive speech about it as well – it’s always amazing when people use their huge platform to make everyone aware of those cases.

Let’s now continue to the show though.Not too long ago his album FR32 dropped, an incredibly well-composed masterpiece which sounds even better live as I now know. Wretch 32 performed a wide array of his new songs, such as Colour Purple, Happy or His & Hers – each and every one of them performed with such an enormous and effortless passion and energy. I could really tell that he breathes his music.
He also showcased some from Growing Over Life, his previous album – 6 Words among other. But the oldies weren’t missing either – Traktor, a song which has been released in 2010, was part of last night’s setlist as well. It’s old but still oh, so gold. I mean, how extraordinary is the quote “My lifestyle is terribly wild but you’ll never catch me on the Jeremy Kyle show“!?
Next to a stunning Young Fire, Old Flame reunion with Avelino, the goat aka Wretch 32 also brought out Stormzy for their collaboration 21 Gun Salute. This was one of my favourite moments because not only do I absolutely adore this tune but Stormzy also counts to my favourite artists. So what do you do when two of your favourite artists are sharing the stage? That’s right, you celebrate life and enjoy every second.

However, the biggest shutdown of the night was at the end of the show, when Wretch brought out Jahlani and, ultimately, Kojo Funds for their track Tell Me. Boy, I can’t even describe how hyped the energy was. The whole audience seemed to dance off their feet, it was a perfect ending to an undoubtedly brilliant show – probably the best show I have been to this year. Guys, if Wretch 32 is ever coming to perform in your city, don’t think twice – just buy tickets immediately ’cause you do not want to miss out on this. Trust me.


Written By: Antonia

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