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Will Caminada: From Darkness To Light EP

An artist I have been featuring on here quite frequently, Will Caminada, has finally released his debut EP. Titled From Darkness To Light, the soul-inspired project comes with five tracks in total, including his previous singles Camouflage, Caterpillar and Groundlessness which have already been released earlier this year.

“The EP represents the journey from darkness to light. We have to acknowledge the darkness because there is no way we can skip to the light and know everything.”

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Maxwell or India Arie, Will’s music is strongly reminiscent of the 90’s soul era. Throughout his previous releases one message became pretty clear: The artist wants to convey the journey of breaking free by tackling every obstacles that are coming our way in order to find freedom and self-acceptance in the end. The adventure starts with Camouflage, his debut single, which focuses on self-acceptance, and smoothly transcends into Caterpillar, which succeeds the battle of finding self-love by cleverly using a Caterpillar as a metaphor. The journey continues with Groundlessness, a beautifully composed-song which centralises the issue of certainty. Not everything in life is foreseeable, hence we need to let the Universe guide us and Will brilliantly portrays this idea.

The two tracks on From Darkness To Light which Will hasn’t shared with us before are Ocean Flows featuring female rapper Lavz and Afterlife – and guys, while I’m a huge fan of his previous tracks I must say that those two songs are my absolute favourites of him so far.
Especially Ocean Flows is a tune that truly stands out.

“I love the ocean, whales are my spirit animals. I was having a conversation with my friend about subconscious minds, basically what is under the sea. There’s a lot we don’t know in our subconscious mind but when you allow yourself to go really deep and face your fears then you can find more peace.Once you go down there, it’s all okay and you can let your life flow. You’ll flow through life.”

After listening to to for the first time you will only want to listen to it more and more. The song starts off with Will’s smooth and compelling vocals, and eclipses into a chorus which is oh, so infectious! The cherry on the pie is Lavz’s feature which adds a genuine vibe to Ocean Flows with her buzzing rap flow. Both their vocals work amazingly well together, making this your new favourite track for sure.

“I love the verse Lavz wrote. She wrote it based on the concept and the lyrics and she nailed it! I love every word.”

But also Afterlife shouldn’t be slept on at all. This one has doubtlessly soulful and stirring vibes. Compared to other songs on the EP, Afterlife showcases a rather melancholically slow rhythm and brings Will’s stunning falsetto abilities into spotlight. Again, it represents an important message, which is the message of love and its never-ending limits.

“I have previously written songs about the loss of my dad and what I learned from it but Afterlife was inspired by a friend who lost his dad. I wanted to write a song to express that it will be okay, that I have been there and know how he feels. It was a message to say that everything will be okay because the love between two souls will always remain. We are still together, even if not physically.”

As a conclusion I can definitely say that From Darkness To Light is a compilation which is more than worthy to listen to, especially if you enjoy thoughtful and inspiring R&B and Neo-Soul.

Will Caminada’s EP Launch party will take place on December 18th at the Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden, London. For more information see here

Listen to From Darkness To Light below:

Written By: Antonia

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