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Premiere: Fifth Quarter – Eternal Recurrence

  • Following up on their previous single #Crash, London-based creative collective Fifth Quarter (5SiO2) returns with both a brand new visual and project Eternal Recurrence, premiering on Music & Other Stories.

“This project focuses on the lifespans of an average man who with the help of a time machine struggles to find reason for his existence”

Those who don’t know Fifth Quarter: The collective consists of Evil Edie, Lilith, Hennessey and rapper Syf – everyone of them is responsible for their own individual task at 5SiO2, shaping the collective into an authentically creative and inventive project.

With their new music video release, they once again prove their expressive imagination and cleverness of storytelling as the visuals depict a rather gloomy, wistful mood – portraying Syf as a man who seems to struggle with figuring his life and what comes with it.

The project, also titled Eternal Recurrence, comes with seven tracks in total. What makes Fifth Quarter stand out from others is not only their gift of putting together artsy DIY-inspired videos but also delivering a noticeably unique way of music. Syf’s lively yet somewhat laid-back rap flow, underpinned by heavy beats and lyrics which throw shade on society turn the EP into a genuinely artistic project.

Listen and watch below!

Stream the project here


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