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2017 – The Highlights

2017. What a year. I don’t even know where to begin with but let’s try.

The other day I went to a listening party and met the guy whose music platform was the first one I ever wrote for, the start of my journey basically. I started getting into music properly back in 2015 (yeah that’s late but better late than never am I righttt, I have always loved music but never thought about working in that field before then) and loved writing anyway so I thought it’d be cool to do some music blogging. Talking to him made me realise how has happened since then and I couldn’t have been more grateful and somewhat overwhelmed in that moment.
First of all, this year feels like it was 10 years long yet still went by as if it had only consisted of a few months. So much happened, and so much changed – personally and professionally. I met so many amazing people, shoutout to you. This would be a very long article if I wrote down everything from January to December so I’m gonna spare you the details and focus on the highlights instead. Or at least I’ll try. Either way, it is still going to be a long article.

If anyone last year had told me that by the end of this year I would have moved to London for real, interviewed major artists, gone to particular shows, being involved in a photo shoot for a fashion label, being published in print, moving in with people I know through this blog, going self-hosted etc. I would have declared this person for crazy. Because last year I wasn’t even close to where I am now.

One of the main reasons why everything is the way it is now is because I finally decided to take my blog seriously from last November on or so. I have always been writing some bits and bobs but never been really consistent and didn’t really know what I wanted (I wrote about that actually, check here). So yeah. I joined this cool Facebook group with lots of (mainly UK-based) music people. The members were from all kinds of corners – artists, PR’s, promoters, everything. So I thought why not share the link to my blog in that group. Said and done, and boooom! This was the turning point! I got so much amazing feedback and received so many press releases from all kinds of bands, singers and so on, it was dope! I built up great relationships with people from that group, so I’m happy I joined it.
Through this group I also got asked to write for a certain online magazine (shoutout to you, you know who you are) – which I couldn’t be happier about. Through this publication I was able to interview great personalities – Artists and even actors I never ever expected to ever talk to them. I also started writing for two more publication through which I met amazing individuals again. Somehow this year everything made sense, every move seemed to have connected what would happen next.
Most importantly, in 2017 I met people through my blog who now count to close friends of mine.

This year I met amazing singers, rappers, bands etc. who I didn’t even know existed. Well, thank god I know they exist now because my playlist wouldn’t even look half as good without their music.
But I learned one major life lesson: When you stay more or less consistent with what you are doing you are destined for greatness – don’t ever give up. And you have to network, network, network. I can’t even emphasise it enough. This year I’ve done the most networking I’ve possibly ever done in my life and it’s given me amazing opportunities – opportunities to develop myself, opportunities to meet incredible people and getting inspired.

I’m just way too grateful for everything that happened this year. Coming from Munich, with a dead music and creative scene for my personal taste (others will think differently maybe), it’s always been exciting for me to live in a buzzing hotspot like London. And now that I’m living here I’m trying to grab every opportunity I can to reach my goals. Even though this year has been amazing already, next year will be even better ’cause I’m only just getting started.

Here are some of my favourite moments:

Press day for the DVD release of All Eyez On Me. Shoutout to these amazing girls and Seen On Screen Fitness, and of course Jenna Knight for the invite!

Mollie King from The Saturdays for 1883 Magazine. I don’t think I need to mention that I was fangirling.

Assisting at a press day for Charlie Sloth with Michael Dapaah as a special guest.









Some of my favourite interviews of 2017

Mollie King
Yael Grobglas (starring in the Netflix series Jane The Virgin)
Donae’O & Shola Ama
Will Caminada

My favourite song of 2017 (according to Spotify)

Lana Del Rey ft. Sean Ono Lennon – Tomorrow Never Came

But there are many many many more! Every track I have featured on here this year, especially the past few months are tracks you should definitely check out!!

Anyway, I hope I didn’t bore you with that massive article. Cheers for reading in case you made it until here.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xxx 


Written By: Antonia

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