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My personal ‘ones to watch’ in 2018

Without a doubt it has been a highly successful year for music – many projects have been released and even more songs have been put out there. Many shows have been organised, many new talents have been found. Personally, I had the pleasure of discovering so many outstanding artists this year – singers, rappers, creatives – it’s been such a major pleasure getting to know them, their music and their vision. There were a few which have amazed me in particular and have truly pleased my ear with their infectious, heartfelt, vivid, or laid-back tunes.

Below is a selection of artists who I know are destined for great things only with their huge talent. You might have found some (or all of them lol) of them in a feature on my blog throughout the year but hey – you have to keep pushing good music, am I right? Besides, my blog wouldn’t be the same without them!
Anyway, I can’t wait to find out at which stage they’re at next year around this time. But I’ll keep you posted!

The list below is in no particular order, so there’s no ‘from very best to just best’. Enjoy! I’d really really recommend you to check them out- do yourself a favour and don’t miss out on dope music, I’m telling you! 🙂

Will Caminada



Too Rare To Die (Stash Peso, L Martin, Monroe Joe, Maine, Casscade)

(through their collective Soundcloud you can also find each ones individual channel!)

Boy Nash





Land Before Bedtime



Fifth Quarter


Written By: Antonia

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