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Live: DVTN

It’s always great to see all these amazingly talented visuals around me do great in life. The other day I went to a show from DVTN which consists of my fellow Pardon My Blog mate DB and his sister. I have previously introduced you to the duo (read here) when they released their single Distance but now they are back with a brand new tune.

“Now that you’re here I’ll never let you go”

Entitled Difference, the song once again represents their beautifully soulful approach to music, and it is without a doubt that their subtle and melodic voices complement each other SO perfectly well. Not to mention that heavy bassline. Guys, please do check out the song below, it is truly brilliant.

Anyway, let’s talk about the show. Taking place in the tight yet cosy basement of the Old Street-based bar Roadtrip & The Workshop, the audience had the pleasure of experiencing the amazing support acts which go by the names of Hope Dealers, Malo, Emily Mutaako, The Message and Nego True – I must admit I haven’t heard of those acts before but they all convinced me with their diverse styles of music, you should definitely give them a listen.

Then finally DVTN entered the stage, and I’m not going to lie when I say that they captivated the crowd immediately. It’s not always the case that a band, singer, or else sounds better than recorded but it was definitely the case with them! Their incredibly infectious energy and enthusiasm on stage engaged the crowd to sing and move along to their stunning R&B and Soul-inspired songs and you could tell that they are a hundred percent passionate of what they do. What surprised me the most was how skilled each ones rapping skills are! I knew they could sing, but rap? Boy, that was some decent and compelling rap flow going on there!

Listen to them below!

Written By: Antonia

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