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Live Review: EE Presents

Last week, Friday the 6th of July, I had the pleasure of attending the monthly live night by EE Presents at Camden Assembly once again. 

This time the line-up consisted of Ramone, Meron Addis and Jerome Thomas as headliner.


He is only 19 years old but what a talented soul! Before his performance I didn’t know much about the singer but at the end of his performance I was sure: Ramone is set for big things in the future because nobody should miss out on his passionately velvet and smooth vocals! He kicked off his performance with unbelievably subtle R&B songs which turned me into a fan instantly, and then transitioned into a more dancehall-infused style which had everyone dance along – proving his artistic versatility. Ramone, will you please perform at my next event? 

Meron Addis

One word: Wow! Meron Addis is a singer who I must admit I haven’t heard of before but I urge everyone who reads this and who doesn’t know her to please check out her music. The songstress was born-and-raised in London with Ethiopian roots, and at the age of 16 she secured a place at London’s highly anticipated Brit School where she developed her skills and took her musical journey to the next level. Strongly influenced by old school pop and R&B, her songs brilliantly infuse those elements with her very own infectious signature sound. At EE Presents she took over the crowd with her soulful and poignant yet strong vocals and showcased her astonishing talent as both singer and songwriter. 

Jerome Thomas

I’d be lying if I said Jerome Thomas didn’t shut down the entire venue. I’d also be lying if I said his performance didn’t leave me absolutely speechless. How can someone have so much talent and so much energy and passion? Well, Jerome Thomas certainly does. Being featured on the highly anticipated YouTube channel Colors recently, the artist came through to perform at EE Presents as headliner and captivated the entire crowd with his stunning voice. And when I say the entire crowd, I really mean it. Everybody was dancing, singing and vibing along to this enrapturing act. Conquering the stage with his full live band that consisted of a drummer, saxophonist, keys-player and much more, Jerome Thomas came more than prepared to deliver a memorable performance. I can’t even describe the atmosphere in the room because you really should have been there to witness it but let me tell you – it was unreal and made me feel so alive. 

EE Presents, or in long Everything East, put on a music night every month at Camden Assembly. Three acts are performing each time – acts which they carefully select and who boast with potential and undeniable talent. So go follow them here, and make sure you come down to the next one because you do not want to miss out. 


Pictures by me.

Written By: Antonia

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