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Music & Other Stories Presents: Emiko

For this episode I linked up with a fellow West Londoner: Emiko.

Only last year the singer graduated with a Law degree from University but decided that music was his true calling instead. After making this decision, he found himself at The Voice UK swiftly after where he joined Team Jennifer Hudson – performing as Ox alongside his mate Ant, together forming the duo Ant & Ox.
However, this year Emiko is ready to take over the R&B scene by storm independently and has recently pleased our ears with his debut single Is It Real – a stunning, highly angelic song which is questioning a relationship and everything beyond, a feeling which you all may or may not be familiar with.

The most remarkable trait he’s got though is his extraordinary positivity and uplifting mindset, something he explains further in the interview. Have a watch below and find out what he had to say about him being his own best friend, his awkward encounter after Is It Real came out and which cremes he would recommend for your hands after explaining his #crimyaself movement. *I have to mark this as ad because specific brands were named*

Make sure you watch until the end because he is also singing a freestyle – don’t miss out on these beautifully soulful vocals!

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Listen to Is It Real here. 

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Written By: Antonia

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