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Music & Other Stories Presents: DynamicMP

Born-and-raised in Hackney, East London, is emerging rapper and producer DynamicMP. Although it wasn’t until he started going to University that he took rapping and making music seriously. Studying Film at University of Hertfordshire, he initially planned to branch out into that industry which is how his name came about. DynamicMP originally had the meaning of ‘Dynamic Media Productions’ but as soon as it was time for him to get an artist name he decided to switch it into a more music-related meaning.

Taking influence from the likes of J Dilla, Common, Joey Badass, Kendrick Lamar and J Cole – to name but a few, his songs showcase a variety of influences and portray honest lyrics alongside his catchy production style.

Just recently he has released a joint EP with Kay Luder who he met during his studies. Cleverly titled Luder’s Dynamic, the project showcases both their versatile talents – pure melodies, infectious beats and laid-back boom bap-inspired rap flows – you can listen to it here. Just the other day Dynamic MP has dropped a new freestyle on YouTube in which he pays homage to Hackney and which you can check out here. Don’t sleep on this guys, he is truly talented!

Check out part 1 of our chat below:

Instagram @Dynamic_MP; Twitter @Dynamic_MP ; Facebook @DynamicMPuk

Filmed and directed by: @Kristine_danne and @anda_jae


Part 2:

Written By: Antonia

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