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My Artists

Rapper/ Songwriter


Patrin is an upcoming artist, born and raised in Harlesden, North West London. Already from a young age he started rapping at school but stopped again after a short period only to find himself writing books and books of verses and poems years later which then motivated him to get back into making music again.

Listening to a wide array of artists such as old school legends Lauryn Hill and Tupac and more contemporary artists like Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar and DVS as well as UK artists Bashy, BBK and Wretch 32, Patrin draws influence from a variety of sounds which is strongly recognisable in his songs.

Last year he released his highly anticipated mixtape Time Will Tell which got championed by several regional radio stations and platforms such as Fubar Radio, Pulse 88 and Unsigned Music Awards.


Talking Knots

Hailing from London, Talking Knots, FKA Fifth Quarter, have started making music ever since 2015. Meeting at work and finding out about their mutual love for making music, Syf and Hennessey ultimately founded the band. Swiftly after, members Evil Edie and Lilith joined the band and take responsibility for the artwork and direction of the visuals.

Talking Knots is an expressionist movement based on freedom and unity which covers a span of over 100 years chronologically, from the past to the future this includes the perception of events that have occurred or may yet, dreams, nightmares, and the human psyche, as expressed in their thought-provoking lyrics.

Artist, Producer, Songwriter

Mr Williams

Introducing Mr.Williams, a multi-talented artist, producer and songwriter who embarked on his music career at the tender age of 13.

Experiencing life growing up in both Los Angeles and London, he not only draws many different influences into his own sound but his vocal tone and accent also helps tell the story of him being brought up in two different cultures.

In 2008, his single Tatted on my back featuring Teairra Mari who previously signed to Jay-Z͛s Roc-a-Fella records was leaked online but gained enormous attention from leading industry tastemakers and major labels which allowed Mr.Williams to start building a solid fan base ever since.

Last year saw several releases from Mr. Williams, including his highly anticipated Mantra-produced single – Pressure͛ which created a major buzz and was spinned on several urban radio stations in London. To top it off, it was titled as ‘Vodafone Future Breaker | Big Top 40’ for the month of June 2017.