Talking Knots

Hailing from London, music and art band Talking Knots, FKA Fifth Quarter, have started making music ever since 2015. It all kicked off with Syf and Hennessey, two colleagues from work, discovering their passion for music which ultimately led to the establishment of them. Soon after, members Evil Edie and Lilith joined the group as additional creative forces.

Storytelling through music and art is the main ethos of Talking Knots. Their undoubtable creativity is not only strongly visible in their genuinely art-driven visuals and expressive artwork but also in rapper Syf’s thoughtfully penned down lyrics which touch on current affairs in today’s society – making the band truly unique.

Following up on their single ‘#Crash’ which got released last summer, Talking Knots unveiled their brand-new EP ‘Eternal Recurrence’ – with revealing same-titled visuals that represent a somewhat touchingly gloomy mood.

‘This project focuses on the lifespans of an average man who with the help of a time machine struggles to find reason for his existence’

Coming with seven tracks in total, ‘Eternal Recurrence’ is without a doubt a thought-provoking project which boasts with both arousing and laid-back beats by producer Hennessey, accompanied by Syf’s effortlessly compelling rap flow.

2018 is certainly going to be an interesting year for Talking Knots. Expect art installations, more visuals and more music to come soon!

For now, listen to their music here:


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