quarterly i am putting on charity events.

These showcases feature six selected up and coming artists from around london and the ticket proceeds will go to a charity of my choice.

the launch, volume one, took place on april 12th 2018 with the income having been donated to road to freedom, a ngo which provides refugees with clothes, food and other living essentials:

“Road to Freedom is an organisation that aims to provide refugees fleeing war-torn countries with immediate aid, which includes food, clothing and hygiene kits.  Working with official NGO’s and charities on the ground at borders and refugee camps, we personally hand aid to those men, women and children in desperate need.”

the events take place at the cavendish arms, a cosy hidden gem in stockwell, south west london.

if you would like to perform, contribute or sponsor in any way please do get in touch with me at i will reply to your queries asap.