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The future faces of music

What a year 2018 has been. A really strange one for the music scene as well - we saw memes blowing up and getting signed to a label due to them becoming viral. It seemed like 2018 real music had to take a step back and let social media attractions and meme music (yeah, it seems like that's a thing now) receive enormous recognition. It's a bit of a shame, isn't it? So many...

Tiana Major9 – Levee (Let It Break)

Early last year I have introduced you to the talented songstress Tiana Major9 (read interview here). At the end of last year she released her brand new single Levee (Let It Break), the follow-up of her highly acclaimed single Merry Go which quickly gained her the title as 'one to watch' by major industry tastemakers. Just recently the official visuals for Levee (Let It Break) followed - and it is her first ever music...


What occurs when you blend the genres of electro, punk and stoner sounds all together, and add some more sprinkles of uniqueness? I've got the answer for you right here: MUX. The band, consisting out of Tiziano Pilustri (Vocals/Synth), Jonas Svendsen (Guitar) and Paul Palliser (Drums), has recently unveiled their debut single MDMA - and it could not sound more bizarre. While already the lyrics will leave you confused, the sound will make you even more...