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Music & Other Stories Presents: Tonia Soulbird

Introducing Tonia Soulbird, a singer I came across last year at a gig in Hoxton. When she was on stage I fell in love with her voice immediately and wanted to follow her journey.  Growing up going to church, Tonia was surrounded by music from a very young age, and ultimately found herself singing to her friends and rapping on the school bus all the time. Yes, she even tried out being a Grime MC,...

My personal ‘ones to watch’ in 2018

Without a doubt it has been a highly successful year for music - many projects have been released and even more songs have been put out there. Many shows have been organised, many new talents have been found. Personally, I had the pleasure of discovering so many outstanding artists this year - singers, rappers, creatives - it's been such a major pleasure getting to know them, their music and their vision. There were a...


Today I would like to introduce you to this beautiful soul: BREANTONIA. The other week I met her at one of the #NormalNotNovelty workshops at Red Bull Studios where she told me about her upcoming EP. Titled Organic, the project has now finally been released last week, and I must admit: Never had I expected to listen to such an amazing masterpiece! The 6-songs long project starts off with the title song Organic which marks a...